Music Store

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as the most professionally steered manufacturer and exporter of musical instruments along with one of the largest retailer of Western musical instruments in India.

Our range of musical instruments is huge; we have thousands of instruments and music accessories here to see and try in our 1000 sq ft music instrument shop located in south Delhi, most of which are available online. You can always email us for quotes and even pay us by cheques. We also deliver your favorite Musical Instruments on your door steps.

We deal in Acoustic and electric Guitars, Keyboards, Drum set, Amplifiers, effect processors etc. of various world famous brands like Yamaha, Roland, Fender, Ibanez, Casio, Marshall, Zoom, Boss, Givson, gb&a, Premier, D’addrio etc. We even satisfy our customer in case they have any specific Music Instruments requirement.

We have a long list of satisfied customers, which includes now day’s world-famous musicians. We are thankful to all of our customers in India and abroad, because of whose continued cooperation we have achieved this position.