Symphony Music Pvt. Ltd Instructors have been awarded as best faculty from Trinity College of London. We do have Experienced, patient guitar instructor. All styles specializing in Rock and Blues Guitar. All levels and ages. We do provide Free initial consultation.
Our teacher love to help other musicians achieve and reach their full potential with their playing. Our Our Instructor work with loads of instructors young and old on a weekly basis and they know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to improving your playing.
Few protocols our instructors follow.

  • Study the physical instrument itself. We guide our student to know their instruments physically.
    They are taught ins and outs of the instruments so that they become familiar and confident in using it.
  • Our Guitar Instructor will teach you many different ways to play a chord and scales.
  • Our Instructor will help you out in Practicing chords and hand positions silently and seemingly
  • Our Instructors simple guidelines is Practice. Practice and Practice.. The only Mantra to learn music.
  • Symphony Music will always find you a Way to Stay Motivated in Music. We do promote students in performing in annual functions. We do live recording of students and promote them via youtube and via our site.
    We also publish them in facebook etc.
  • Our institute have firm principle in learning the Basic Skills the Right Way.
  • We specially teach our student in Playing tunes in Time. We ask them to practice it with metronome.
  • Listening is an art and it needs lots of practice and patience to make it a habit. Learn to Listen. This will improve your music sense and instinct.
  • Learn Some Music Theory. Our teachers specially focuses on learning staff notations. Apart from them we guide our student in sight reading.
  • Buy a Guitar. We encourage our student to buy a guitar so that their practice does not gets hindered.
  • We encourage our student to put Variety In Your Routine when following guitar lessons.
  • Finally we help our student to learn to distinguish between a good musician and a worse one.